ODEA Bank’s Net Profits Reached $20.51M in H1 2016

Bank Audi’s Turkish subsidiary, ODEA Bank, announced its results for the second quarter of 2016. As a result, the Bank’s financial statements revealed an uprise in its net profits from $6.93M in H1 2015 to $20.51M in H1 2016. This was mainly driven by the growth in net interests’ income and net fees and commissions’ income, which increased from $147.46M and $11.52M end of 2015 to $169.47M and $20.6M end of June 2016, respectively.

On the balance sheet, total assets revealed a yearly drop of 3.33% to $10.54B by June 2016, while loans and receivables increased by 0.27% to $7.44B. On the liabilities’ side, total deposits dropped 4.21% to $8.25B, which could be linked to the tense situation in Turkey, specifically the shaky EU-Turkey deal regarding the control of migrant flows to Europe.

As for shareholders’ equity, it witnessed an upsurge to $793.03M in Q2 2016, compared to $458.03M, during the same period in 2015.

Odea Bank’s Financial Results

U.S Dollar ($M) Jun-16 Dec-15 %change
Net Profits 20.51 6.93* 195.84%
Assets 10,554 10,908 -3.33%
Total deposits 8,250 8,813 -4.21%
Loans & Receivables 7,435 7,414 0.27%
Total Equity 793.04 458.03 73.14%

* Value of June 2015

Source: BSE News


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