Weak Trading Activity on the Lebanese Bourse Today

Frail activity characterized the Lebanese bourse during the first session of the week, as 41,481 shares were traded worth $305,995 compared to 293,023 shares worth $3.32M on Friday. The BLOM Stock Index (BSI) decreased by 0.16% to 1,140.86 points, broadening its year-to-date loss to 2.51%. In the real estate sector, Solidere shares class “A” lost 1.50%% to close at $9.87 while class “B” shares augmented by 0.41% to end the session at $9.89. In the banking sector, Bank Audi listed shares lost 0.17% to end up at $5.98, while Byblos listed shares, BLOM GDR and listed shares traded with no change in price.  

Traded StocksLast ($)Previous ($)ChangeVolumeVwap ($)
Solidere (A)9.8710.02-1.50%14,8669.87
Solidere (B)9.899.850.41%5,4239.89
BLOM Listed9.409.405,1929.40
BLOM GDR9.629.621,0009.62
Audi Listed5.985.99-0.17%5,0005.98
Byblos Listed1.601.6010,0001.60

LastPrevious ChangeY-t-D  Change
Val $305,995 $3,320,027-90.78%

LastPrevious Change
Val $0 $721,263














































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