The Lebanese Bourse Started the Week in the Green

The Lebanese Bourse partially recovered during the first session of the week, on the back of a better performance in the real estate sector. Accordingly, The BLOM Stock Index (BSI) gained 0.50% on Friday to 1,114.01 points following the trade of 133,489 shares worth $1,223,046. In the real estate sector, Solidere shares class “A” and “B” gained 5.24% and 0.72% to settle at respective quotes of $8.63 and $8.42In the banking sector, Audi GDRs and listed shares as well as BLC preferred shares class “B” increased by 0.34%, 0.17% and 0.50% to close the session at $5.97, $5.95 and $100.50, respectively. In contrast, Byblos preferred shares 2008 and BLC preferred shares class “A” lost 0.20% and 0.50% to end up at $100.30 and $100.50, respectively. Meanwhile, the listed and GDR shares of BLOM traded with no change in price. In the industrial sector, Holcim shares downturned by 1.98% to $14.85.

Traded StocksLast ($)Previous ($)ChangeVolumeVwap ($)
Solidere (A)8.638.205.24%53,9848.59
Solidere (B)8.428.360.72%           27,7898.22
BLOM GDR9.589.58            1,5009.58
BLOM Listed9.459.4522,8559.45
Audi GDR5.975.950.34%            5,5005.95
Audi Listed5.955.940.17%            5,0795.95
BLC Pref A100.00100.50-0.50%               500100.00
BLC Pref B100.50100.000.50%               250100.50
Byblos Pref 08100.30100.50-0.20%               100100.30

LastPrevious ChangeY-t-D  Change
Val$1,223,046 $34,700,690-96.48%


LastPrevious Change
Val $85,155 $158,858-46.40%













































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