BLOM Bank the most transparent listed company on the Beirut Stock Exchange

BLOM Bank led the list of most transparent listed companies on the Beirut Stock Exchange and came among the top 5 in the listed companies in the MENA region.

“L’Orient Le Jour” discussed in an article titled “La moitié des societés cotées en Bourse ne sont pas transparentes” the results of a new report revealing that only 2 listed companies on the Beirut Stock Exchange are transparent enough vis-à-vis their shareholders and provide them with the necessary information to make informed decisions. The report measures the degree of governance transparency and aims at raising corporate awareness regarding the importance of good governance in building shareholders’ trust and attracting foreign investors.

BLOM Bank led the ranking, earning a ratio of 71% over 100% for best disclosure practices, equivalent to a B+ ranking, followed by Audi Bank (63%, B-) and Byblos Bank (50%, C). Solidere came next (30%, D+). The average of the 10 listed companies ended at 27%, or D, meaning that they only meet the strict minimum of the regulator’s requirements, according to the same article in the newspaper.

The article, which appeared on Thursday January 14, 2015, features an interview with Yasser Akkawi, President of Capital Concept, publisher of this study and another one covering 102 companies listed on 9 stock exchanges in the MENA region. The detailed reports are available on

According to Yasser Akkaoui, BLOM BANK also ranks among the top 5 listed companies in the MENA region, and compares to rankings of banks in New York, Switzerland and Norway. He explained that BLOM doesn’t appear in the MENA’s top list due to its smaller market cap.

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