Info Pro Launches a New Residential Real Estate Index

On Dec.8, 2016, Info Pro launched a new product, the Real Estate Survey and Index.

The Info Pro Residential Real Estate (RRE) Index tracks price evolutions of residential real estate over time. It uses 2012 as base year. The Index relies on Info Pro’s comprehensive real estate survey on the commercial, retail, and residential segments and official figures.

The RRE Index uses 3 key sub-indices to provide a snapshot on the RRE’s performance: First, the Price Index calculates the average price per square meter. Second, the Inventory Index accounts for total apartments and buildings for sale. Lastly, the New Announced Property Index entails all new buildings and apartments on the market every 6 months.

The three sub-indices are regionally segmented across Administrative Beirut, Beirut suburbs, and Mount Lebanon’s main centers: Baabda, Metn, Keserwan, and Aley.

The RRE Index is available on an online dashboard and updated twice a year.

Total Number of Real Estate Transactions by November 

Info Pro Launches a New Residential Real Estate Index

Source: Lebanese Cadastre Registry


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