Bank Audi’ Profits Witnessed Slight Change by Q1 2017

The consolidated financial statements of Bank Audi, in the first quarter of 2017, witnessed a marginal yearly rise of 0.02% in profits to $110.20M, of which 23% from Odea Bank and 10% from Bank Audi Egypt.

The banks’ balance sheet showed that total assets slightly fell by 0.78% to $43.92B since year start and that customer loans fell by 1.29% since year start to $16.85B. On the liabilities side, customers’ deposits showed a 0.03% slip since year start to $35.41B while shareholders’ equity increased by 2.54% year-to-date to $3.79B.

Audi Bank’s Financial Highlights for Q1 2017

In millions of USD31-Dec-1631-Mar-17YTD
Total Assets                  44,267                  43,921-0.78%
Net loans and Advances to Customers at Amortized Cost                  17,069                  16,848-1.29%
Customers’ Deposits at Amortized Cost                  35,416                  35,406-0.03%
Total Shareholders’ Equity                    3,698                    3,7922.54%
Profit for the Year*110.18110.200.02%

 *March 31, 2016

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