Holcim’s Profit Shrank in H1 2018 to $13.07M

 According to Holcim’s balance sheet as of June 2018, the company’s assets retreated by 6.3% year-to-date (y-t-d) to $247.66M. Meanwhile, total equity grew by 7.43% since the beginning of the year, to $189.14M in H1 2018.

Holcim’s net sales stood at $72.77M by the end of June 2018, down from $159.81M for the year 2017. The cost of sales in its turn also fell from $78.63M in 2017 to $42.36M in H1 2018. Accordingly, Holcim’s profit contracted from $43.29M by end 2017 to $13.07M by end June 2018.

Holcim Financial Highlights

Total Assets                          247.66                          264.30-6.30%
Total Equity                          189.14                          176.067.43%
Net Sales                            72.77                          159.81-54.46%
Cost of Sales                            42.36                             78.63-46.12%
Profit                            13.07                             43.29-69.80%

Source: Beirut Stock Exchange, Holcim


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