BDL’s Total Assets Grew by 15.48% to $136.56B by October 2018

According to the central bank’s (BDL) balance sheet, total assets climbed by 15.48% year-to-date (YTD), to reach $136.56B in October 2018.

In details, BDL’s Foreign assets (constituting 31.58% of total assets) grew by 2.70% since December 2017 to stand at $43.12B, and the Securities portfolio (constituting 21.52% of total assets) recorded a y-t-d uptick of 0.41% to reach at $29.39B over the same period. In their turn, Loans to the local financial sector (20.67% of total assets) more than doubled, rising from $12.73B in December 2017 to $28.23B in October 2018. As for Gold assets (8.32% of total assets), they lost 5.04% YTD, to stand at $11.36B noting that the gold prices decreased by 6.78% y-t-d to reach $1,214.11 per ounce in October 2018

On the liabilities side, Financial Sector Deposits (83.43% of BDL’s total liabilities) increased by 16.87% YTD to reach $113.94B in October 2018. This can be linked to the fact that BDL is offering banks products with attractive returns. As for Public sector deposits, (4.23% of total liabilities), they decreased by 2.01% YTD to $5.78B in October 2018.

Yearly levels of BDL’s Total Assets in October ($B)

BDL’s Total Assets Grew by 15.48% to $136.56B by October 2018Source: BDL


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