Lebanon’s Pharmaceutical Drugs Industry: A Diagnosis & Prescribed Solutions


The study explores the landscape and size of Lebanon’s national pharmaceutical drugs industry, alongside its main national players who operate on regional and sometimes international dimensions. The report analyzes the developments in Lebanon’s pharma drugs production and its promising potential. The main findings reveal the distinct business model per player and the unanimity regarding the lack of full-fledged government support, as opposed to governments of regional neighbours.

The paper concludes that the industry is self-sufficient and self-equipped, possessing the human capital, means, technology, and technical know-how. Yet, it requires some national government protectionist – regulatory policies vis-a-vis existing importers in addition to a well-implemented legal framework to support the research & development (R&D) of “new drugs” and exploit the “export” business potential of pharma drugs.

Note: This research paper uses interviews/surveys 10 out of Lebanon’s 11 pharmaceutical drugs manufacturers, which renders the sample representative of the pharma drugs market. 


  • Pharmaceutical Drugs in the MENA Region
  • Lebanon: Industry Scope & Players
  • Pricing in a Nutshell
  • Corporate Strategies: Evidence of the Players’ Potential
  • Key Challenges
  • Ways Forward

For the full report, kindly follow the link:

Lebanon’s Pharmaceutical Drugs Industry – A Diagnosis & Prescribed Solutions

A version of the report (&findings) was also published/translated in L’Orient Le Jour, le 10 Decembre 2018, e-link here:  https://www.lorientlejour.com/article/1147534/lindustrie-pharmaceutique-libanaise-en-mal-de-reconnaissance.html

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