BLC Invites Holders of its Preferred Shares “E” to an Extraordinary General Assembly

The  board of directors (BoD) of BLC invited the holders of its Preferred Shares “E” to an extraordinary general assembly scheduled to be held at the bank’s headquarters in Beirut on Monday December 17, 2018 at 10:00 am. The meeting’s agenda includes:

  • Set up the by-laws for the committee of BLC Pref “E” shareholders.
  • Nominate a representative for the committee;
  • Miscellaneous items.

It is worthy to note that the first trading session of BLC’s Preferred “E” shares on the Beirut Stock Exchange was October 29th 2018. The shares’ issuance price was $100 per share, and its closing price on Dec. 5th 2018 stood at $94.

BLC’s Financial Highlights in Q3 2018

(In millions of US$)Dec 2017Sep 2018YTD
Total Assets5,8675,8840.28%
Loans and Advances to Customers1,6011,5970.21%
Customers’ Deposits3,9193,9340.39%
Shareholders’ Equity5575651.42%
Profit for the Period34.96*               28.9*-17.21%

*September 2017  

 Source: BLC Bank, Beirut Stock Exchange


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