Lebanon Ranked 135 Out of 142 Countries on the Gender Gap Index 2014

The World Economic Forum recently released “The Global Gender Gap Report 2014”, which examines the gap between men and women in four essential categories: Economic Participation and Opportunity, Educational Attainment, Health and Survival and Political Empowerment. Out of 142 countries Lebanon ranked 135th on the Gender Gap Index, with a score of 0.592 (noting that the score measures the female-to-male ratio, so a score of 0.00 implies inequality, while 1.00 signifies equality).

In the Economic Participation and Opportunity category, Lebanon took the 133 position with a 0.432 score, where female labor force participation stood at 26% and legislators, senior officials and managers female-to-male ratio  of 0.09.

Lebanon occupied the 106 position in the Educational Attainment category, with a score of 0.952. However, Lebanon ranked the 1st, with a score of 1.00 on female enrolment in secondary and tertiary education.

Lebanon performed the best on the Health and Survival category, ranking 62 out if 142, with a score of 0.975.

Finally, Lebanon was the second-to-last on the Political Empowerment sub-index, with a score of 0.010. This can be attributed to the 3% female parliamentarians and no female minister in the country.

Among the 13 Arab Countries included in the report, UAE was the 1st with a rank of 115, followed by Qatar (116) and Tunisia (123). In contrast, the three worst performers among the Arab countries were Lebanon, Syria with a rank of 139, and Yemen occupying the 142nd position.


Lebanon’s Score Card on the Gender Gap Index 2014

Gender Gap Index1350.592
Labor force participation1350.34
Wage equality for similar work1040.58
Estimated earned income1340.27
Legislators, senior officials and managers1180.09
Professional and technical workers700.93
Literacy rate1030.92
Enrolment in primary education1060.952
Enrolment in secondary education11
Enrolment in tertiary education11
Sex ratio at birth10.94
Healthy life expectancy761.04
Women in parliament1310.03
Women in ministerial positions1380.00
Years with female head of state (last 50)640.00
Source: World Economic Forum

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