Balance of Payments Recorded a Deficit of $301.8M by September 2014

Lebanon’s Balance of Payments (BoP) recorded a deficit of $301.8M in the first three quarters of 2014, compared to a deficit of $676.4M in the same period the prior year. This could be partly attributed to the 2.50% yearly narrowing trade deficit up to September 2014. Net Foreign Assets (NFAs) of the Lebanese Central Bank (BdL) swelled by $4.23B by September, while that of commercial banks plummeted by $4.53B. Taking the month of September alone, Lebanon’s BoP revealed a surplus of $131.1M, compared to a deficit of $563.9M in August. NFAs of BdL contracted $44.1M, subsequent to a rise of $544.9M the previous month. During the same month, NFAs of commercial banks broadened by $175.2M, following a plunge of $1.11B in August.

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