Electricity Production Stood at 1,076M of KWH in March

According to the Central Bank of Lebanon (BdL), Electricity production reached 1,076M of Kilowatt-Hour (KWH) in March 2016 compared to 1,124M KWH during the same month last year, posting a 4.27% yearly downturn. Looking at the first quarter (Q1) of 2016, electricity production inched up slightly by 0.23% to 3,056M of KWH.

This supply is far below demand which has been amplified by the presence of 1.5M Syrian refugees.

During the same quarter, Treasury transfers to EdL amounted to $152.32M, plummeting by 51.72% compared to Q1 2015. This plunge is mostly due to the decline in oil prices. Yet, increasing fuel and gas subsidies to meet demand would lower electricity rationing. In fact, most parts of Lebanon, except Beirut, have 8-10 hours of electricity rationing per day.

Monthly Electricity Production (in KWH)

 Electricity Production Stood at 1,076M of KWH in March

Source: BdL

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