Citrus Cultivation: Lebanon’s Sour Sector

Despite its small size, Lebanon’s sundry landscapes, from the interior terrain of the Bekaa Valley to the narrow canyons sweeping down to the sea, and its diverse microclimates endorsed the country to reap a varied number of superlative agricultural products.

This diversity affords the best prerequisite for cultivating citrus along the coastal area, apple and stone fruit trees in Mount Lebanon, while vegetables, potatoes and grapes are mainly concentrated in the plain of Bekaa.

Citrus is one of the produce that played a vital role in agriculture. Citrus fruits are grown on the coast, mainly in the southern half of the country, and accounted for as much as half of the total agricultural output, with each hectare yielding around 27.4 tons. However, the Civil War and urban sprawl destroyed many orchards with the citrus yield declining to 24.31 tons/hectare in 2013, according to FAOStat.

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Citrus Cultivation – Lebanon’s Sour Sector

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