Lebanon Ranked 101st out of 138 Countries in the Global Competitiveness Index

According to the World Economic Forum report, the competitiveness index is measured by 3 sub-indices: the basic requirement sub-index,  the Efficiency enhancers sub-index, and the Innovation and sophistication factors sub-index. Each of the indices is divided into pillars. The basic requirement sub-index includes “institutions”, “infrastructure”, “macroeconomic environment”, and “health and primary education” pillars. The efficiency enhancers sub-index, which is key for efficiency-driven economies, consists of the following pillars: “higher education and training”, “goods market efficiency”, “labor market efficiency”, “financial market development”, “technological readiness” and “ market size”. Finally, the Innovation and sophistication factors sub-index, which is fundamental for innovation-driven economies, consists of the “business sophistication” pillar and the “innovation” pillar

As such, Lebanon ranked 101st out of 138 countries, with a score of 3.8 out of 7 in the Global Competitive Index (GCI) for 2016-2017, compared to a similar score and  rank in GCI 2015-16, where the number of countries was 140. In details, Lebanon achieved a score of 4.0 in its Efficiency Enhancers sub index. However, it had a score of 3.6 in the basic requirements sub-index. As for the country’s most competitive pillars, they were health & primary education; Goods market efficiency, business sophistication and innovation.

Lebanon’s score in the GCI was among the worst compared to the countries of the Arab Region. The UAE achieved a rank of 16 worldwide, standing first among Arab countries. The UAE was followed by Qatar and Saudi Arabia, with worldwide ranks of 18 and 29, respectively. Among the worst performers in the region, along with Lebanon, was Egypt with a rank of 115.

Global Competitive Index 2016-2017

Rank (out of 138)Score (1-7)
Global Competitive Index1013.8
Basic Requirements1253.6
 Macroeconomic environment1362.3
Health and primary education526.0
Efficiency enhancers724.0
Higher education and training664.5
Goods market efficiency554.4
Labor market efficiency1043.9
Financial market development694.0
Technological readiness724.0
Market size763.5
Innovation and sophistication factors 523.8
Business sophistication504.2
Innovation and sophistication factors583.4

Source: World Economic Forum

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