The Impact of Syrian Refugees on the Lebanese Labour Market

A copy of this article was published in The Daily Star print page 4,on June 29, 2018. E-Link also here

This article was also translated to Arabic تأثير اللاجئين السوريين على سوق العمل اللبناني & quoted by Annahar newspaper  جريدة النهار في 09 تموز2018



The article analyzes the Lebanese labour market in light of the unprecedented influx of Syrian refugees since 2011, highlighting the recent competition of Syrian refugee-workforce on the Lebanese services sector. Throughout, the report contrasts key features of the Lebanese Labour Market pre-Syrian crisis and post-2011, to conclude that the ideal solution advocates the return of Syrians to their home country, while the Lebanese government must also reform and regulate the labour market to protect nationals.

The report tackles these ideas as follows:

  1. Syrian refugees in the MENA region
  2. The refugees in Lebanon
  3. The Lebanese Labour Market: pre-Syrian Crisis v/s Post-2011
  4. Labour Market Key Features:
    1. Unemployment Rate
    2. Lebanese workforce ‘pushed out’ of the market
    3. Tough and “Unfair” Competition: Lebanese Workers & Syrian-refugees in the Services Sector
    4. Youth Unemployment
  5. Proposed Solutions:
    1. Return of refugees to safe zones in Syria
    2. Protecting nationals: Government reforms, policies

For the full report, kindly follow the link:

The Impact of Syrian Refugees on the Lebanese Labour Market – June 29 2018


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