The IMF’s Call for Inclusive Growth & How it May Affect Growth in Lebanon


In July 2018, the IMF presented a report promoting “inclusive growth” in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region and it emphasizes that inclusive growth is a modern responsibility shared by the government, private sector, as well as the society. The study divides the MENA economies into Emerging Markets (MENA EMs), MENA advanced (MENA AD), and MENA LICs (Low Income Countries), with Lebanon pertaining to the first category.

The regional findings are noteworthy because they reveal the importance of having a dual barometer to measure overall growth: an “economic growth” barometer and another measuring the improvement in “social welfare”. The combination of both barometers seems to spur an inclusive, sustainable growth for the region.

Similarly, this study infers and highlights key takeaways on the growth of Lebanon’s economy in light of the modern findings. This allowed this report to compare national parameters on fiscal policy, refugee-influx & integration, and women participation in the labour market among others, to neighboring country-indicators and/or to the MENA EMs’ averages.

For the full report, kindly follow the link: The IMF’s Call for Inclusive Growth & How it May Affect Growth in Lebanon

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