The Current State of “Wine”


This study delineates the landscape of the wine industry in Lebanon in figures but also in players, as it introduces the wine trade and production figures and highlights the major market players, their market shares, differentiation strategies and fun facts on the top 3 market players.

Moreover, the interviews conducted with eminent figures in the management of the national wine producers and with wine connoisseurs/experts reveal multiple findings related to the sensory characteristics of wine.

In addition, two ground-breaking insights emerge throughout this study: some wineries now have “visionary” leaders who may push a good change into the industry and thereby promise advancement against imported wines but also in the quality of local wine. Meanwhile, the controversial yet interesting question on whether the Lebanese today are wine connoisseurs is also revealed at the end of the report.

For the full market study and findings, kindly follow the link: The Current State of “Wine”

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