Tourist Spending Up by 11.53% in H1 2019

According to Global Blue’s Q1 2019 “Globe Shopper Spending” report for Lebanon, total tourist spending grew by 11.53% year-on-year (YOY) and the number of total refund transactions grew by 5.8% YOY.

In H1 2019, the biggest bulk of spending (24%) took place during the month of January when most tourists are extending their Christmas holidays to ring in the New Year.  17% of spending took place in April following the Easter Vacation while 16% was carried out in March and June, respectively.

83% of shoppers’ spending took place in Beirut while 12% and 2% took place in the Metn and Baabda regions. Tourist spending in Beirut grew by 12.68% YOY while it increased in Baabda and Metn by 5.87% and 0.31%, respectively.

Tourists from the Arab countries remained the largest spenders in Lebanon, with Saudis and Emiratis, particular grasping shares of 15% and 10% of total spending, respectively. Worth mentioning that Syrians, Kuwaitis and Qataris grasped each the same share of 7% of total spending.

Data from the Ministry of Tourism showed a recovery in the number of Saudi tourists after the lifting of the travel ban; the number of Saudi tourists grew significantly by 90.8% during the same period last year to 44,736 tourists by June 2019.

The spending of Saudi Arabian tourists grew by 49.31% in the first half of the year, while the spending of Kuwaitis and Qataris shoppers rose by 11.43% and 32.37%. Meanwhile, the spending of shoppers from the Emiratis and Syrians retreated by 4.93% and 4.31%, respectively.

In H1 2019, 66% of shoppers’ spending was concentrated on “Fashion & Clothing “ while 20% were spent on “Watches & Jewelry”. “Fashion & Clothing” and “Watches & Jewelry” spending grew by 8.53% YOY and 21.45%, respectively.

Yearly Spending Evolution by Area by H1 2019

Tourist Spending Up by 11.53% in H1 2019

Source: Global Blue

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