Byblos Bank Publishes its Un-audited Financial Results for Q1 2021

Byblos Bank published on Friday April 30, 2021 its un-audited financial results for Q1 2021. As expected, the results were impacted by the current crisis affecting the Lebanese economy. Net profit in Q1 2021 came to $883 thousand against $7.96 million in Q1 2020.

In terms of the balance sheet, total assets stood at $18.39 billion, less by 2.18% than assets at end December 2020. Likewise, loans to customers were $2.34 billion, down by 10.69%; customers’ deposits stood at $14.49 billion, lower by 2.86%; and shareholders’ equity amounted to $1.56 billion, less by 0.36%. As a result, the loans to deposits ratio fell from 17.53% to 16.12%.

Byblos Bank Financials

Loans to Customers2,336,2502,615,865
Customers’ Deposits14,495,81814,922,256
Total Equity1,563,2621,568,897
   Tier I 1,616,877  1,624,158
   Tier II (53,615) (55,261)
Total Asset18,395,02418,805,363
Net Income883(46,633)

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