BDL’s Total Assets Increased by 1.35% m-o-m in May 2015

Lebanon’s Central Bank’s (BdL) revealed a 1.35%monthly growth in its total assets to $90.01B in May 2015.

Foreign assets, which grasped 42.87% of total assets, went up by 2.28% month-on-month to $38.59B in May, covering 23 months’ worth of imports. In fact, Lebanon’s import coverage ratio is considerably high, mainly due to the Lebanese Peg to the dollar as well as the implemented precautionary measures in case of future instabilities. Similarly, gold (12.49% of total assets) increased by 1.31% from last month to $11.24B on the back of the slight increase in international gold prices during the month of May. Furthermore, securities’ portfolio (17.82% of total assets), improved 0.82%, in May, to $16.04B while loans to the financial sector declined by 1.16% m-o-m to $4.49B.

On the liabilities side, financial sector deposits grew by 1.36% m-o-m to $70.28B, taking 78.07% of total liabilities in May, while public sector deposits (8.07% of total liabilities) up ticked by 0.54% to $7.26B, over the same period.

BDL’s Total Assets by May ($B)

BDL’s Total Assets Increased by 1.35% m-o-m in May 2015

Source: BDL



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