Real Estate Sector Continues to Influence the Lebanese Bourse


The Lebanese Bourse witnessed a price correction within the real estate sector on Tuesday. In details, the BLOM Stock Index (BSI) declined by 0.58% to 1,188.52 points, narrowing its year-to-date gains to 1.56%. This was mainly due to Solidere shares class “A” and “B” dropping by 1.20% and 1.96% to respective quotes of $11.48 and $11.49. In the banking sector, Byblos Bank listed and preferred shares 2008 and 2009 shares gained 0.63%, 0.10% and 0.20% to end the session at $1.61, $100.40 and $100.50, respectively. Furthermore, Bank Audi listed and BLOM Bank common shares went up by 0.16% and 0.10% to $6.12 and $9.61, respectively. In contrast, Bank Audi GDR shares lost 5.16% to $6.25. Notably, 63K of BLOM Bank listed shares were cross traded while BLOM Bank GDR shares and Bank of Beirut preferred shares class “I” traded with no change in price.

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