Downward Pressure on the Lebanese Bourse

The BLOM Stock Index (BSI) declined by 0.18% to reach 1,147.29, widening its year-to-date loss to 1.96%. In the banking sector,  BLOM GDR and BLOM listed shares dropped by 1.52% and 1.57% to stand at $9.70 and $9.40, respectively. Similarly, Audi listed shares and Byblos preferred shares 2008 lost 0.17% and 0.50% to settle at respective quotes of $5.98 and $100.50. Meanwhile, BLOM preferred shares 2011, Audi preferred shares class “F” and BoB preferred shares class “I” traded with no change in price. In the real estate sector, Solidere A and Solidere B shares recovered some of the week’s losses and rose by 0.99% and 1.38% to end up at $10.24 and $10.29, respectively. In the industrial sector, Ciments Blancs Shares nominal shares exchanged hands with no change in price.  

Traded StocksLast ($)Previous ($)ChangeVolumeVwap ($)
Solidere (A)10.2410.140.99%19,16110.24
Solidere (B)10.2910.151.38%11,38710.22
BLOM GDR9.709.85-1.52%44,0009.70
BLOM Listed9.409.55-1.57%146,4419.40
Audi  Listed5.985.99-0.17%1,2005.98
Byblos Pref 08100.50101.00-0.50%250100.50
BLOM Pref 1110.1010.102,00010.10
Audi Pref F100.50100.50984100.50
BoB Pref I25.7525.753,90025.75
Ste Cim Blancs N3.103.105,4263.10

 LastPreviousChangeY-t-D Change













































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