Banque Du Liban assets rise by 15.57% y-o-y by December 2017.

Banque Du Liban’s (BDL) Balance Sheet revealed a 15.57% year-on-year (y-o-y) increase in assets to reach $118.25B by December 2017.

In details, the value of BDL’s gold reserves which represent 10.12% of total assets, witnessed an increase of 11.74% y-o-y to reach $11.96B by December 2017 compared to $10.71B by December 2016. This increase is mainly due to the rise of gold prices by 12.45% y-o-y to reach $1302.45 per ounce by December 2017 compared to $1158.24 per ounce by December 2016. Also, the loans extended to the local financial sector which constituted 10.76% of total BDL assets rose from $6.40B by December 2016 to reach $12.73B by December2017.
The Securities Portfolio (24.75% of total assets) increased by 13.26% y-o-y over the same period to settle at $29.27B.

As for BDL liabilities, financial sector deposits grasping 82.44% of total liabilities escalated by a yearly 15.83% to stand at $97.49B.

BDL’s Assets at Year End ($B)


Source: BDL

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