Ciments Blancs Records a Profit of $4.45M in 2017

The financial statements of the “Societe Libanaise des Ciments Blancs” revealed an increase in the company’s profit from $4.39M in 2016 to $4.45M in 2017.  Revenues also rose by an annual 10.19% to $13.45M in 2017 but this rise in revenues was partially offset by a larger rise in the cost of sales from $6.43M in 2016 to $7.24M in 2017. According to the board, The gross margin reached 46.18 % in 2017 against 47.29 % in 2016 , due to Higher thermal energy cost which was slightly compensated by the good cost management mainly through the clinker factor reduction and higher clinker production volumes.

On the balance sheet, total assets rose by by an annual 5.24% to $26.27M. Total equity rose by a marginal 0.37% year-on-year to $19.03M as retained earnings increased by 1.62% to $4.43M in 2017.

Ciments Blancs Financial Highlights

Total Assets26.2724.965.24%
Total Equity                           19.03                      18.960.37%
Revenue                           13.45                      12.2110.19%
Cost of Sales                             7.24                        6.4312.51%
Profit for the Year                             4.45                        4.391.29%

Source: Beirut Stock Exchange, Ciments Blancs

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