The number of Airport Passengers increased by 11.94% y-o-y in H1 2018

The activity at Rafic Hariri International Airport improved in the first half of the year as the total number of passengers rose by an annual 11.94% to 3.9M by June 2018. The rise could be partly attributed to the Eid following the holy month of Ramadan which extended from mid-May till mid-June, given that many expats come to Lebanon to celebrate with their families.

More specifically, the number of arrivals to Lebanon shot up by 8.5% year-on-year (y-o-y) to reach 1.9M by June 2018.  Moreover, departures climbed by a yearly 10.16% to reach 1.8M over the same period.

As for the number of transit passengers, it rose from 2,076 passengers by June 2017 to 2,085 passengers by June 2018.

Total Number of Passengers by June (in Millions)


Source: Rafic Hariri International Airport


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