Lebanese GDR Shares Kept Steady on Monday

On the London Stock Exchange (LSE), no trades occurred on BLOM, Audi, Byblos or Solidere’s Global Depositary Receipts during Monday’s session. BLOM’s GDR shares maintained their price of $9.50, Bank Audi’s GDR shares steadied at $5.92 and Byblos’ GDR shares ended the session at the same price of $75.00. Solidere’s GDR shares also stabilized at a price of $9.70 per share.


GDRsLast Price ($)Previous Price ($)% ChangeVolumeValue ($)
BLOM GDR           9.50               9.50 –                   –
Audi GDR           5.92               5.92 –  
Byblos GDR         75.00             75.00 –                   –
Solidere GDR           9.70               9.70 –                   –

Source: Reuters

Closing Date: 23 November 2015


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