Number of Tourists Progressed by 14.13% to 1.39M by November

Lebanon’s touristic sector improved to reach 1.39M tourists by November 2015, its highest level in 4 years. According to the Ministry of Tourism, the number of incomers by November 2015 surged by 14.13% from 1.22M recorded by November 2014.  

The number of European visitors, grasping 33.50% of the total, augmented by 14.23% y-o-y, to reach 467,144. French tourists, grasping the largest share of European tourists at 26%, went up by a yearly 12.50% to 123,359. The number of incomers from Germany, the United Kingdom and Turkey also saw respective improvements of 11.17%, 16.24% and 35.68% y-o-y to 70,064, 52,203 and 19,254 during the first 11 months of the year.

The number of Arab tourists, constituting 31.64% of the total, displayed a yearly increase of 7.71%, to record 441,194 by November 2015. As for Iraqi incomers, their share was the largest among Arab tourists at 40%, and increasing by an annual 6.87% to 177,154, over the same period. Worth mentioning that a large part of Iraqi tourists are actually refugees that are granted a tourist visa. The number of Egyptian and Saudi visitors registered the most distinct increases going from 61,272 to 68,077 and from 41,281 to 44,030 respectively. The number of UAE incomers also progressed by 18.45% annually to 6,423 by November 2015.

As for American travelers, accounting for the third major portion of the total at 18.92%, their number reached 242,634 in the first 11 months of 2015, a 17.40% y-o-y increase from the same period last year.

In November alone, the number of tourists surged by 12.18% y-o-y to 99,952.  The number of Arab, European, and American tourists all grew by 6.94%, 10.76%, and 17.20% to 36,443, 30,755 and 13,465, respectively compared to the same month last year.

Number of Tourists By November

Number of Tourists Progressed by 14.13% to 1.39M by November

Source: Ministry of Tourism



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