Review of Stock Markets in 2020: A Year That Defied Expectations

Stock market activity is tied to the flow of stock demand and supply and dictated by monetary changes and deviating monetary policies. In this report, we will depict the trend of major traded stocks in the US, China, EU and Lebanon’s markets which were subject to changing policies and ongoing disruptions in the year 2020.

As stocks ended year 2019 on a high note, year 2020 was considered volatile yet shocking with the scheme of events that took place. The most tackled questions in our report will be as follows: how have stock markets responded to the COVID-19 pandemic? How do we sight differences in the markets’ responses between major countries? Are these differences in stock market responses related to the economic policies and political aspects of the country? How have stock markets reacted to lockdowns and to the curve of infection?


Kindly follow the link for the full report:

Review of Stock Markets in 2020 A Year That Defied Expectations


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