The Number of Airport Passengers Up by a yearly 76.03% in January 2022

The activity at Rafic Hariri International Airport improved in the first month of in the year of 2022 compared to last year by 76.03% to stand at 363,685 passengers at the end of January 2022, compared to 206,603 passengers during the same period last year.

The breakdown of the airport’s statistics revealed that total arrivals added 128.44% year-on-year (YOY) to stand at 153,230 passengers in January 2022. By the same token, the number of departing passengers climbed by a yearly 57.10% to reach 208,123 over the same period. Nevertheless, transit passengers decreased from 7,050 by January 2021 to 2,332 passengers by January 2022. It’s worth to note that in January 2021 Lebanon was in lockdown due to Covid-19 which has affected negatively the movement of passengers at the Beirut airport.

The year 2022 may be the year of international settlements as the nuclear deal between Iran and western countries could see light very soon. It could also be the year of Internal settlements, as Lebanon could reach a deal with Israel on its territorial sea waters, and perhaps a deal with the IMF on economic reforms. Notwithstanding the recent confrontations between Ukraine and Russia, these developments could enhance Lebanese political and economic stability and reflect positively on the movements of passengers at Beirut Rafik Hariri airport, especially in the summer 2022.

Beirut’s Airport Activity By January

The Number of Airport Passengers Up by a yearly 76.03% in January 2022

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