The Number of Airport Passengers Up by a yearly 100.94% by April 2022

The activity at Rafic Hariri International Airport improved remarkably in the first 3 months of the year 2022. Consequently, the number of Beirut’s International airport passengers went up by 100.94%, as it recorded 1,501,997 passengers by April 2022 compared to 765,620 passengers during the same period last year.

The breakdown of the airport’s statistics revealed that total arrivals added 118.53% year-on-year (YOY) to hit 730,069 by April 2022. By the same token, the number of departing passengers climbed by a yearly 96.15% to reach 762,131 over the same period. Nevertheless, transit passengers decreased from 20,704 by April 2021 to 9,797 passengers by April 2022.

In relation, according to Ernst & Young Middle East hotel benchmark survey, the occupancy rate in Beirut’s 4- and 5-star hotels reached 39% percentage points (pp) by February 2022, up from last year’s registered 23.6%. Furthermore, the average room rate has increased by 68.8% from 814,420 Lebanese pounds in February 2021 to reach 1,374,959 Lebanese pounds in February 2022, however, this was equivalent to drop of 18.4 % in USD; 81.8$ in February 2021 to 66.7$ in February 2022 at the parallel market rate.

Beirut’s Airport Activity By April

The Number of Airport Passengers Up by a yearly 100.94% by April 2022

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