Port of Beirut: Container Activity up 14.18% by May 2023

Total container activity including transshipment (TEU+TS) increased by a yearly 14.18% to stand at 317,034 twenty-foot equivalent unit (TEU) by the first five month of 2023, with transshipment activity (TS) adding 80.53% YOY to 97,490 TEU, while container activity (TEU) dropped by 1.84% on a yearly basis to 219,542 TEU by May 2023.
On a monthly basis, total container activity added 30.74% to stand at 73,606 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEU), while container activity (TEU) added 11.37% for the month of May 2023 compared to same month last year to reach 50,800 TEU. Meanwhile, transshipment activity (TS) grew by 113.40% to 22,806 TEU for the month of May 2023, compared to 10,687 TEU in May 2022.
In more details, the transshipment volume of CMA CGM, one of the two major shipping lines operating at the Port of Beirut, increased annually by 96.81% to stand at 76,199 TEU by May 2023. In contrast, transshipment volume of MSC, the other major line, dropped by 30.37% YOY to 4,866 TEU by the same month. Furthermore, the local volume of CMA CGM rose slightly by 0.16% to reach 66,374 TEU; meanwhile, local volume of MSC fell by 7,47% to stand at 51,444 TEU by the month of May 2023.

Yearly total container activity including transshipment (TEU+TS) in twenty-foot by May 2023:
Port of Beirut: Container Activity up 14.18% by May 2023
Source: PoB, BLOMINVEST Bank

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